An employee, who has attained the age of 50 years or who has completed 20 years of qualifying service, may retire from service, by giving a notice of not less than three months, in writing, direct to the appointing, authority, with a copy marked to his immediate superior Officer.  Before giving such  notice he may satisfy himself by means of a reference to such authority, that he has completed the required minimum number of years or qualifying service.  (B.P. No. 6 dated 25-1-93 and B.P. No. 222 dated 11-6-84).


2.  Orders  should be obtained from the competent authority on the voluntary retirement before the expiry   of the notice period of three months.  The acceptance or otherwise of the proposal for voluntary retirement shall be intimated to the employee before the expiry of the notice period of three months. (U.O. Note No. 068736/E-7-1/83-5/dated 3-9-83).


3.  An employee may withdraw the notice of voluntary retirement, or withdraw his voluntary retirement after acceptance subsequently, with the approval of the appointing authority, before the expiry of the period of notice.  (B.P. No.6/dated 25-1-93).


4.  The three months notice may be given before the employee attains the age of 50 years or completion of 20 years if qualifying service, provided that the retirement takes place after he has attained the age 50 years or completed 20 years of qualifying service.


5.  Whether the employee issues the notice of voluntary retirement to the appointing authority directly or through proper channel, the notice period takes effect from the date of receipt of the notice by the appointing authority only. (Memo.No. 46362/p1/42-1/dated 27-4-94).


6.  The last three months period should necessarily be a continuous one and should not include period of extraordinary leave without pay and allowances.  When extraordinary leave without allowances runs concurrently with the period of notice, the leave should be refused and the employee may be requested to join immediately and give a fresh notice of not less than three months.  Otherwise, the request for voluntary retirement may be negatived.  (Memo. No. 28575-Q2-97-6 dated 10-7-98).





7.  Notice of voluntary retirement shall be accepted subject to the fulfillment of the following conditions.


a)  No Disciplinary proceedings is contemplated or pending against the employee for imposition of any major penalty.


                           b)  No prosecution is contemplated or pending in a court of law against the employee.


                           c)  No enquiry is contemplated or pending against the employee in the records of  the vigilance.


                           d)  No dues which cannot be recovered from the D.C.R.G. are pending to be recovered.


e)  There should be no contractual obligation pending against the employee for the period subsequent to his voluntary retirement.  (B.P.No.6/25-1-93).


8.  If an employee, who was awarded punishment of stop-page of increment with or without cumulative effect, wants to retire voluntarily and if he comes forward to remit the monetary equivalent of the punishment, such request shall be considered and he shall be allowed to retire voluntarily.  (Memo. No. 029140/16/E3/A2/87-1 Adm.Br/dated 4-3-87).


9.  If an employee under suspension or against whom disciplinary action is pending seeks to retire voluntarily, the specific permission of the appropriate authority shall be necessary.  Clearance is also necessary from the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption.  (B.P. No.77 dated 14-3-83 and Memo.No. 99294 dated 12-3-99).


10.  If no orders accepting or rejecting the voluntary retirement are issued, before the expiry of the notice period, then the voluntary retirement will become deemed.


11.  A report shall be obtained from the Vigilance cell also, in addition to the report from the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-corruption, in respect of the employees of the T.N.E.B. who are in foreign service and desire to get voluntary retirement from the Board service.  (B.P. No.247/29-7-85).


12. It is enough if the appointing authority concerned is satisfied that no criminal case is pending or contemplated against the employee who opt for voluntary retirement and it is left to the appointing authority to contact the Special Branch, C.I.D. or other concerned organisations for this purpose.  (Memo No. 46658/P-1/98/dated 25-2-99).





13.          The R.W.E. Workmen, to whom the pension scheme has been extended with effect from 1-7-86, have become eligible to seek voluntary retirement with reference to the provisions in Regulation 17(gg) of the Board’s Service Regulations.  An employee is permitted to seek voluntary retirement after attaining the age of 50 years or after putting in 25 years of service in pursuance of the orders in B.P.No. 76 dated 17-1-76 or after putting in 20 years of qualifying service in pursuance of the orders issued in B.P. No.117 date 10-9-79, excluding the benefit of weightage, as the case may be.  (B.P. No. 428 dated 3-9-86).





14.  An employee retiring, voluntarily, shall be given a weightage of service, not exceeding 5 years, subject to the condition that the total qualifying service rendered, including the weightage, does not in any case exceed 30 years and it does not take him beyond the date of superannuation, as the case may be, for the purpose of pension and gratuity.


15.                The weightage given is only to increase the period of qualifying service.  The pension and gratuity will be based on the actual emoluments on the date of retirement.  (B.P. No. 58 dated 22-6-98).


16.                The addition of weightage is for calculation of pension and not for calculation of gratuity.  (Memo. No. 28575-Q2/97-5 dated 27-8-97).


17.                The weightage will not entail to any notional fixation of pay for calculation of pension and gratuity, with effect from 1-7-96, (B.P. No.41 dated 27-8-97).


18.                Both age and qualifying service shall be taken into consideration simultaneously and care should be taken that after adding such weightage, the total no, of qualifying service does not exceed 30 years and at the same time it does not exceed 58 years/60 years of age, as the case may be.


19.                Weightage added to qualifying service for those who retire on completion of 58 years of age.


Qualifying service               Weightage                  Age                 Weightage


25 Years and above              5 Years                       53 Years          5 Years

26 Years and above              4 Years                       54 Years          4 Years

27 Years and above              3 Years                       55 Years          3 Years

28 Years and above              2 Years                       56 Years          2 Years

29 Years and above              1 Year             57 Years          1 Years


20.                In the case of office Helpers, Daffadars etc. whose retirement age is 60 years.


                     Age                                         Weightage


                55 Years                                         5 Years

                56 Years                                        4 Years

                57 Years                                         3 Years

                58 Years                                         2 Years

                59 Years                                         1 Year

(B.P. No. 41 dated 22-2-97).


21.                Weightage of 5 years shall be limited upto the eligibility for full pension and D.C.R.G. calculation accordingly.  (Memo. No. 28575-Q2/97-6 dated 10-7-98).

22.                The pension shall be based on the average emoluments drawn during the last 10 months, prior to the date of such voluntary retirement.  Gratuity shall be based on the actual emoluments drawn on the date of such voluntary retirement.  (Memo. No. 10903-Q1/89-1 dated 8-5-89 G.O.No. 350/P&AR/FA Spl/dated 7-10-81).