Invalid pension is granted to an employee, who is by physical or mental infirmity, permanently incapacitated for public service.  (Rule 36(1) of T.N.Rules).


                  2.  The date of effect of retirement will be the date of Medical certificate, if the employee was on duty or the date on which  he will join duty, if he was on leave during the period when the Medical Certificate was issued.


                  3.  If the infirmity is curable and the employees refuses to get cured by operation or otherwise, no pension or gratuity need be admitted if the competent authority decides so on merits.


                  4.  If a Medical Authority recommended a less laborious  work than the one in which he is presently involved, then the employee may be appointed to the less laborious work on a lower pay and if he does not accept that, he can be granted pension.  (Rule 36(2) of T.N.Pension Rules).


                  5.  No service weightage is admissible to medically invalidated employees.




                  6.  If employment to the dependant of medically invalidated employees is to be considered, the employees should have been retired from service on medical ground before attaining the age of 50 years and he should have been totally disabled so as to deprive him of his earning capacity.  Cases of dependents of employees retired on medical grounds may be considered on merits and provision of employment considered in exceptional case only.  (B.P.No.51, dated 31-5-84).


                  7.  The procedure for admission and scrutiny of applications from dependants of deceased employees prescribed in B.P.No.411, dated 22-7-87 will apply to the above case also, subject to the modifications that the enquiry shall be conducted personally by an Officer not below the rank of an Executive Engineer.  (B.P.No.51, dated 31-5-84.