A Board employee may resign his appointment by giving a notice of not less than 3 months, in writing, to the appointing authority, with copy to his immediate superior officer.  The period of 3 months notice shall be reckoned from the date of receipt of such notice by the appointing authority.


2.  The employee may withdraw the notice of resignation, before its acceptance.  Withdrawal of resignation will not be a permitted after its acceptance by the appointing authority.  (B.P.No.31 dated 2.7.99).




3.  The orders on the notice of resignation shall be issued before the date of expiry of the notice, either accepting the resignation from a date not later than the date of expiry of the notice or rejecting the same, giving reasons therefore  If no such order is passed, the resignation will be deemed to have been accepted on the expiry of the period of the notice.


4. The Superintending Engineer shall forward the resignation letter, with details, within 15 days of its receipt, to Hd.Qrs. (Memo.No.011292 dated 15.4.85).


5.  The resignation shall not be accepted if it has been withdrawn before orders accepting the resignation are issued actually.  (B.P.No.221, dated 5.5.82).


6. Earlier, it was ordered in B.P.No.221, dated 5.5.82 that the resignation cannot be accepted from a retrospective date.  But, these orders have been revised subsequently to the effect that resignation shall be accepted either prospectively or retrospectively as decided by the authority competent to accept the resignation.  (B.P.No.397 dated 15.11.85).




7.  Before accepting the resignation, the following aspects should be studied and a decision taken.


                  a) Whether any Disciplinary Proceedings is contemplated or pending against the employee.


                  b) Reports from the Directorate of Vigilance and Anticorruption/Vigilance Cell of the T.N.E.B. to the

                       effect that no enquiry is contemplated or pending  against the employee shall be obtained.


                  c) No dues are pending to be recovered by the Board  from the employee.


d) If the employee, against whom Disciplinary Proceedings or criminal action or vigilance enquiry is pending or if he is under suspension, seeks to resign, the appointing authority shall examine the nature and gravity of the case and may accept the resignation, if the case is not such as would warrant rejection of the notice of resignation.


e) Whether the employee has undergone any foreign training under the Board’s cost, executing a Bond     to serve in the Board for a specified period and the amount spent by the Board on the training course.


                  f) Whether any work order is pending against him to  be closed.


                  g) Whether any T&P is to be handed over by him.


                  h) Whether any loans and advances sanctioned to him  are pending payment by him and if so, the amount.


                  i) Whether he has been sponsored for higher study at   Board’s cost.


                  j) No due certificate is to be enclosed.


8.  The application is to be forwarded after payment of all dues. (Memo No.26078, dated 23.3.83/B.P.31/2-7-99).


9.  The Official who resigned his post should be relieve only after his resignation is approved by the competent    authority.  (Memo.No.26078 dated 18-7-83).




10.  A member of a service shall, if he resigns his appointment forfeit not only the service rendered by him in the particular post held by him at the time of resignation, but also all the previous services under the Government.  (Tamilnadu State and Subordinate Service Rules).


11. The reappointment of such person to any service by direct recruitment shall be treated in the same way as a first appointment to such service.  He shall not be entitled to count any portion of his previous service for any benefit or concession.  (T.N. Liberalised Pension Rules, 1978).


12.  A member of a service who has resigned his appointment and contested for the General Election to Parliament or State Legislature on in the Election to Local Bodies, either as a party candidate or as an independent candidate, shall not be eligible for re-appointment to any Service.  (G.O.No.534, dated 21.5.85).