Medical facilities in the Board’s Dispensaries are to be extended to the retired employees, based on the Identity Cards issued by the Audit Branch.  Identity cards will be issued to pensioners in duplicate.  The duplicate card will be retained by the dispensary, leaving the original with the pensioner.


                     2.  Family members/dependants of the pensioners are eligible for the free treatment.  (Memo.No.21668-P2/82-1, dated 31-12-82).


                     3.  Free treatment shall be given to the employees and their dependants on production of the identity cards, in Govt. Hospitals also.  (K.Dis.No.82672/all/43/86, dated 29-12-86 of the Director of Medical Services and Family Welfare).


                     4.  The existing free medical treatment in the Government Hospitals will be continued to the family pensioners, irrespective of the fact that they are being paid monthly Medical Allowance also.  (B.P.No.94, dated 2-3-87).


                     5.  The work of renewal of  Medical Identity Cards in respect of pensioners and family pensioners within the State, hitherto attended to by the Chief Internal Audit Officer, shall now be entrusted to the Executive Engineer, O&M, of that area, either by post or in person, annually.  If the validity of the identity card expired finally, the Executive Engineer, O&M, of that area shall arrange to obtain that card and forward it to the C.I.A.O. (Memo.No.14236-N1/90-3 dated 7-6-90).


                     6.  Identity cards in the case of Family pensioners will be issued by the Audit Branch.  The identify cards in the case of dependants of employees, who die in harness, will be issued by the Pay Disbursing Officers whom the deceased employees last served at the time of their death, after verifying the particulars available in the application and in the Service Book of the employee concerned.  (Memo.No.64975/P2/83-2, dated 3-1-84).


                     7.  It is not necessary that consequent to the payment of Medical Allowances to pensioners, the issue of Medical Identity card to pensioners may be dispensed with.  (Lr.No.34397/N1/87-6, dated 23-1-88).


                     8.  Dependants of the employees who die while in service, are eligible for medical concession.  Identity Cards in the case of family pensioners will be issued by the Audit Branch.  (Memo.No.64973-p2/83-2. dated 3-1-84)


                     9.  Free medical concession may be extended to the dependants of temporary employees, including those employed under emergency provisions in posts carrying a fixed pay, so long as they continued in service on par with permanent employees, with effect from 16-4-88/B.P.No.94, dated 16-4-88).


                     10.  Free medical concession may be extended to the family pensioners of an employee who dies in harness, till such period as the deceased would have reached the retiring age.  (G.O.No.535, dated 8-3-72).


                     11.  The same medical concession as the deceased employee was entitled to at the time of his death, will be given to the family pensioners, till they become earning members in the case of male dependants and till the female members become earning members or get married or till such period as the deceased would have reached the retirement age, whichever is earlier.  (G.O.459/H&FW/dated 20-3-80).




                     12.  The monthly medical allowance has been enhanced to Rs.50/- p.m. with effect from 1-12-95 onwards.  (B.P.No.256, dated 30-8-95).


                     13.  Pensioners who are in receipt of more than one State pension i.e. State service pension and family pension, should be paid only on one pension.  Pensioners who are on re-employment are not entitled to medical allowance.


                     14.  Pensioners, who are paid an ex-gratia on a adhoc payment basis are not eligible for medical allowance.  The same may be paid after regular pension is sanctioned. (Lr.No.34397/N1/87-6/23-1-88).


                     15.  Monthly medical allowance is not admissible during the period of terminal leave salary.  (Lr.No.3507 dated 1-2-91).


                     16 .  In the case of Divisible pensioners, the medical allowance can be divided as per the share payable to the pensioners.


                     17.  Medical allowance shall be allowed during all leave periods except during suspension, surrender leave salary and ordinary leave without pay and allowances.  (Memo.No.76552/N2/89-7-18-12-90).


                     18.  Monthly medical allowance is admissible to family pensioners in whose cases the pensioners dies after retirement. (Lr.No.65264 dated 1-7-88).


                     19.  Medical allowance is admissible to the family pensioners who are getting provisional pension pending finalisation of regular family pension. (B.P.No. 6 dated 31-1-97).




                     20.  The families of employees, who die in harness, are eligible for reimbursement, till the normal date of retirement of the employees.  The monthly medical allowance is admissible from the normal date of retirement of the deceased employees.  If the family pensioner prefer to draw monthly medical allowance in lieu of medical reimbursement, even upto the date of normal retirement, the same can be sanctioned. (Memo.No. 64026/NI/86-1 dated 11-5-87 and B.P.No. 1 dated 3-1-90) Future family pensioners shall exercise their option for medical allowance within 3 months. (B.P.No. 246 dated 30-8-96).  The option once exercised is final and it cannot be revoked (Lr. No. 63069 dated 28-11-90).  Board employees shall not be allowed both medical allowance as family pensioner and medical reimbursement as serving employee. They shall be allowed to avail medical reimbursement only, if they opt for it and medical allowance of family pension shall not be allowed.  Those who are getting medical allowance,  both as serving employee and as family pensioner shall be allowed medical allowance in the capacity of serving employee only. (Lr.No. 54556 dated 20-3-95).


                     22.  The pensioners residing outside the State of Tamilnadu may be allowed medical allowance from 1-2-88, dispensing with the procedure of claiming reimbursement after obtaining Idendity card.