Based on the orders of the Government of Tamilnadu, G.O.No.M.S. 562 dated 11-7-95 and 818 dated 20-20-95, orders have been issued by the T.N.E.B. in the B.P.NO. 23 dated 2-4-97 and B.P.NO. 66 dated 18-8-97, for the constitution of a separate fund to provide financial assistance to the pensioners of the Board undergoing specialised treatment/surgery in the accredited private Hospitals, irrespective of whether such facilities are available in the Government Hospitals are not.  This scheme will cover the pensioners only and not the family pensioners and dependants.


2.         A sum of Rs. 5/-p.m. will be recovered from the pension for November 1999 onwards, with an equal contribution from the Board and credited to the Health Fund. (B.P.No. 72 dated 1-11-99).


3.         The financial assistance, is now increased to Rs. 50.000 or 75% of the actual cost of treatment, whichever is less,




4.         Financial Assistance will be sanctioned from the fund to the pensioners, subject to the following conditions.


            a)  Pensioners shall submit an application to the Chief Internal

                 Audit Officer, with such evidence as may be necessary or

                 relevant to establish the need for the special treatment.


            b)  The applications received upto February will be examined

                 by a committee constituted for the purpose and based on

                 the recommendations of the committee. the Chief Internal

                 Audit Officer will sanction the assistance by the middle of

                 March, subject to the availability of funds.  Applications

                 for which funds are not available will lapse and they cannot

                 be renewed.


            c)  Payment will be given only after treatment is over and no

                 advance payment will be granted.


5.         In the case of an opthalmic surgery, instructions were issued to the claimant for financial assistance, as follows.


            a)  Detailed certificates from the surgeon or from the Head of

                 the institution for having undergone the eye surgery shall be



            b)  The certificate shall have chronological number.


            c)  The receipt for the amount paid towards expenditure on the

                 specialised treatment/surgery should have been affixed with

                 requiste Revenue Stamp.


            d)  The name of the surgeon should be written in Block letters,

                 with Registration number, wherever necessary.


            e)  The Medicines purchased should be supported by the Doctor’s



            f)  All the original bills relating to the surgery/treatment should be

                 produced along with the discharge summary for verification.


            g)  The claimant should furnish a certificate to the effect that

                 he has not availed any grant/concession/financial assistance

                 from any other source in regard to the surgery/treatment.





6.         The specialised surgeries and advanced treatment for which financial assistance will be considered, are as follows.


            a)  Open Heart Surgery.


            b)  Renal  transplant


            c)  Surgical management of malignancy (Cancer) and laser treatment.


7.         The list of accredited Hospitals is as follows


            a)  Apollo Hospitals, Chennai


            b)  Vijaya Hospital, Vadapalani, Chennai


            c)  Vijaya Hospital, Vadapalani, Chennai. (All institutions)


            d)  Vijaya Health Centre, Vadapalani.


            e)  The Heart Institute, Vijaya Health Centre, Chennai


            f)  The Madras Medical Mission, Institute of cardio Vascular

                 diseases, Mugappair, Chennai-50.

            g)  Trinity Acute care Centre, Chennai


            h)  K.J. Hospital, Chennai


            i)  G.G. Hospital, Chennai


            j)  Devaki Hospitals, Chennai


            k)  Tamilnadu Hospitals, Chennai


             l)  Wellnigton Hospitals, Chennai


            m)  Railway Hospitals, Chennai


            n)  Bharathiraja Hospital and Research Centre, Chennai


            o)  Santhosh Hospital, Chennai


            q)  Pandaali Cardiac Thoracic Foundation Transplantion/

                 Centre Chennai.


            r)  Voluntary Health Centre, Adyar, Chennai


            s)  Sri. Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute, Chennai


            t)  Kuppusamy Memorial Hospital, Coimbatore.


            u)  Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital, Coimbatore.


            v)  Christian Mission Hospital, Vellore.


            w)  Meenakshi Mission Hospital, Madurai.


            x)  Tamilnadu Neurological Research Centre, Anna Nagar,

                 Chennai. (B.P.No.21 dated 2-4-97)


8.         In the case of specialised surgery/advanced treatment in Opthalmogy, financial assistance will be considered for the following.


            a)  Any cataract surgery with or without I.O.L.


            b)  Surgery for detachment of retina.


            c)  Vitrectomy.


            d)  Kevatoplasty (Corneal grafting)


            e)  Laser treatment/Excimer Laser, Argon Laser, Photo



            f)  Glaucoma surgery and Laser treatment


            g)  Linear Accelerator theraphy (For senile mascular degeneration,

                 tumours etc.


9.         The list of accredited Hospitals for opthalmic treatment are as follows.


            a)  Willington Nursing Home, Chennai


            b)  Malar Hospital, Chennai


            c)  Prema Eye clinic, Chennai


            d)  Kumaran Hospitals, Chennai


            e)  Apollo Cancer Institute, Chennai


            f)  Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai


            g)  Vijaya Hospitals, Chennai


            h)  M.N. Eye Hospital, Chennai


            I)  Tamilnadu Hospital, Chennai


            j)  Arvind Eye Hospital, Madurai


            k)  Joseph’s Eye Hospital, Trichy


            l)  K.G. Hospital, Coimbatore


            m)  T.M.S. Hospital, Salem


            n)  Dr. Agarwal’s Hospital, Chennai


            o)  Sri. Kanchi Kamakoti Medical Trust, R.S. Puram,

                 Coimbatore. (B.P. Nos.66 dated 18-8-97 and 29 dated 31-1-97).