The above scheme has been introduced to provide a lump sum monetary assistance to the family of a pensioner, in the case of death of a pensioner.  According to the scheme.


      a) A pensioner will be required to pay Rs.40/- p.m. uniformly till his death.  The amount will be recovered from his

monthly pension.


      b) In the case of death of the pensioner, after one year from joining the scheme, i.e., after subscribing 12 monthly installments of Rs.40/- each, a lump sum payment of Rs.25,000/- will be made to the spouse/ nominee/legal heirs of the pensioner.


      c) If the accumulation of the fund gets exhausted in a  financial year, the dependants of the deceased pensioner, eligible for the amount will have to renew their claim in the next financial year.


      d) The sanctioning authority is the Chief Internal Audit Officer, who shall be addressed directly by the      beneficiary.


      e) If the spouse is not alive, the amount will be paid to the nominee.  If no nomination has been filed, the  amount will be paid to the legal heirs in equal shares. No nomination need be filed if the spouse is alive.  If the spouse predeceases the pensioner, the pensioner can nominate anybody of his choice, the receive the  benefit, as per revised orders.


      f) If the nominee dies after the death of the pensioner, but before the payment under the scheme, the amount    should be paid to the legal heirs of the nominee and not to the legal heir of the pensioner. (B.P.No.21, dated 26-3-97, Memo.No.4046/Q2/98-2  dated 14-3-98, and Memo.No.92153-Q2/98-2, dated  26-3-99.)





                  2.  The scheme is optional.  The pensioners shall intimate in writing whether they are willing to join the scheme or not, at the time of retirement and such option shall be forwarded to the Board Office Audit Branch, along with the pension proposals.  A pensioner can also with draw from the scheme after joining the scheme, requesting the Chief Internal Audit Officer to refund the amount of contribution recovered till the withdrawal of the option.  The C.I.A.O. after verifying the recoveries made, shall credit the recovered amount in the pension account under intimation to the concerned.  (Memo.No.54935-Q3/97-7, dated 2-6-98).




                  3.  Nomination shall be filed in duplicate in respect of retired personnel to Board Office Audit Branch and on each nomination filed, an entry regarding the nomination shall be entered in both the halves of the Pension Payment Order and one copy of the nomination form will be handed over to the pensioner under the signature of the Pension Payment Officer.


                  4.  In respect of the Board employees who will be retiring in due course and who do not have a spouse, they shall indicate the nomination of their choice along with the pension sanction application form, to enable the Pension Payment Officer to incorporate the same in the Pension Payment Order for reference in future.  (Memo.No.92153-Q2/98-2, dated 26-3-99).




                  5.  While applying to the Chief Internal Audit Officer for sanction of the amount in the event of the death of the pensioner, the following documents shall be submitted.


      a) Application with details.


      b) Death certificate of the pensioner, in original.


      c) Xerox copy of the front page of the Savings Bank a/c Pass Book of the claimant, opened in the I.O.B.


      d) Legal Hair Certificate in original, if the claimants to  the amount are legal heirs.


      e) Consent letters from the legal hairs for payment of  the amount to anyone of them, in whose name the

           Savings Bank a/c has been opened.