Pensioners/Family Pensioners will be required to submit a life certificate, once in a year, in the month of November, to the Bank authorities of the Branch Offices, from where they are drawing their pension.


                  2.  Every pensioner is required to furnish a certificate of employment/non-employment in the prescribed form in the month of November.  The pensioner should intimate the fact of employment, immediately on taking up the employment, to the I.O.B. Branch, from which he gets the pension and to the Board Office Audit Brahc. (B.P.No. 17 dated 13-1-95).


                  3.  In the case of re-employment, the payment shall be limited to the basic pension only.  Relief sanctioned from time to time such as temporary increase, minimum pension increase and Dearness Allowance is not to be paid in such cases.  In cases in which non-employment certificate is not furnished by the pensioner particulars of re-employment should be indicated. (Memo.No.BOAB/Pension/RWE/Unit II/DA/8/86 dated 22--86).


                  4.  In the case of family pensioners, certificates of re-marriage, non-marriage are required to be furnished once in six months, i.e. in May and November.


                  5.  In the case of payment of family pension to minor son or daughter, it shall be the duty of the Guardian of such son or daughter to furnish every month to the Bank a certificate to the effect that he or she has not started earning his or her livlihood and in the case of such daughter, that she has not yet married. (Lr.No.79504/NI/94-1 dated 7-1-95).


                  6.  The Guardian who will be receiving the family pension on behalf of crippled/disabled, minors, shall produce every three years a certificate from a Medical Officer, to the effect that the minor continued to suffer the disorder/disability/physically crippled condition.